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Kelly- Website Changes

We added a press section on your website, so when people visit your website they will see your achievements, and your music as well.

Kelly- Swipe up ads

The Swipe-up ads are set through Ads Manager on Facebook and on Google Ad Words. The target ads are based on the target audience segmentation we have worked on and you approved. We always tweak the ads as much as possible in order to optimize the results and make the most of them.

Kelly- Radio Campaign

After “Scars of Venus” came out, we started pitching to radio stations both digital and FM/AM ground radios. The results that we get are mentioned in the report every Friday. Apart from the airplay, we also aim to have a number of radio interviews every month

Kelly- Independent Playlists

We also pitch to Independent curators, with the best-quality playlists every Thursday.

The locked playlists are mentioned in the Friday Reports.

Kelly – Premiere Pitching “The Woman”

Step 1: Gathered all the media outlets that relate to your genre, and are top tier.

Step 2: Checked out the usual contacts that we have within the top-tier media outlet network.

Step 3: We used the press release, the photos you sent to be used for the press, and the music video we had in wav. format.

Step 4: We were in communication with a couple of top-tier outlets, like Iheart, Sweet N Sour Magazine, and Wonderland.

You decided on Iheart radio premiere. Here’s the link.


Kelly- Press Release “The Woman”

The press release is based on the biography, and the song or music video you’d want to release. It consists of:

-Description of the song or the music video
-Contact information.

Press Releases are used for pitching to media outlets.

Here is the approved press release. The reason the press release has taken this long is because we were waiting for the final version of the music video.