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MSB – Playlist Pitching

In this task, we have delegated team members targeting editorial playlists and independent curator playlists as well. We aim to pitch every Thursday, and every week all the playlists that we have locked in, we add them on the weekly report.

MSB- Swipe Up Ads

Once the song is out, we set up swipe-up ads that are set up through Google Ad Words, and through Meta as well.


MSG- Spotify For Artists Optimization

After getting the managerial access, we change the cover photo, add Spotify canvas, add the bio, and social media links and optimize your Spotify for Artists account as much as possible every week.

MSB Boogs Pre-Release Campaign

In your pre-release campaign, we will be working on & deliver:

-Target Audience Segmentation

-Media Story Angle Planning & Strategy. We will be sending you a creative questionnaire to get to know you more

-Press Release

-Re-worked Bio

-Media Presentation and PR Coverage. We are going to reach out to hundreds of media outlets, and send them your press release and your bio. We want to make sure to have the communication and viral effect once the release is out.

-Spotify for Artists Optimization

-Pitching to editorial playlists and independent playlists

MSB- Press Release

Attached is the press release.


The press release will be written based on the information you have given us. 

We are promoting “Rockstar” and single that’s glorifying how I came from the streets living a rough life as a blockstar to a rockstar in music.

It’s being released on November 4. The cover artwork is attached below.

Private link:

Pre-save link:

We need to also mention this release: “Soldier”


Blockstar came from the block now rockstar

Use to be in the back of cop car

Now five star eating lobster

Fucking bad bitches no cuffing her

Everything exclusive no regular

Playing with the game we gone bury ya

Quit with the dissing it get terrible yea yea


I’m young and wild and I’m straight out the TRENCHEZ

Rock for rock add it up ain’t no missing

Hitting fences that’s the ghetto Olympics

Helping 12 that’s how u go missing

Keep dissing I swear we gone spin it

Ion mind sinning ima keep on repenting

Pouring up wicking fucking up my kidney

Popping these perks ain’t got no feeling

I’m tired of sitting back Nigga ain’t no chilling

Seem like all the fuck niggas killing

Riding round scraped up moving like a villain

Gotta thick bad hoe fucking up her pervic

Hood gas grade A yea it’s unleaded

Everybody left me ima make you regret it m

All the niggas hating ima make a nigga kill me

All these hating ima make a nigga kill me

Verse 2

I’m on a mission ima get me sum paper

If my money low ima turn into a taker

A lot of these niggas name be up on paper

That don’t be real shit that be fake ones

A lot of these niggas be looking up to money

Ima real nigga from Monday to Sunday

Gotta lil nasty hoe she keep a nigga cumming

Fuck her face yea you know I make her vomit

Blockstar Rockstar  this my life

And ima always keep it real never though twice

And this the trenches this my life ion give a fuck

This the trenches this the life ion give a fuck

MSB- Bio Creation

Attached is the drafted biography.



The bio will be written based on the answers you have given.

-How did you get involved with music, what helped you start it all?

-2021-2022 were rocky years for some, how was it for you?

-How do you go about starting the process of creating your music?

-How did you go about choosing your genre?

-Where do you get your inspiration from?

-How important is being unique and different important to you and how much does it influence your work?

-What is your inspiration behind your stage name MSB Boog?

-And now you’re dropping your new music this year, talk us me through your mindset going into the upcoming release(s)?

-What are you most excited about in 2023?

-Anything else you want to elaborate on regarding your music, creativity, your inspiration?

Well I’ve been into music all my life but I started taking it serious bout 2 years now and what caused to me take it serious was that I wanted to change my life and the life of my loved ones .

Yea 2021/2022 was a very rocky year for besides the virus I lost my baby brother and my nephew back to back so that really caused me to go harder .

When it come to music it come so natural that it don’t really take nothing for me to create it cause I’m either rapping bout wat I ve been through seen or saw somebody else go through .

I mean when it came to genre I basically just put it out the mere and let the people catagorize it.

I get my inspiration from what me and my family been through and poverty.

I focused on be authentic being me 100% so that’s gone make me different it self and it influence my work a lot

Well MSB stand for Money Stakkin Bozz so that should say a lot

And boog was cut down from Ace boogie my street name that was given to me which was from paid in full the movie

(I was working one year trying to do right in it wasn’t paying the bills so I went for wat Ik lol

I created Rockstar cause I saw myself going from being on the block trapping to making noisy in the industry

Well I’m excited bout going into 2023 on a different level I signed to EQ/RocNation with a distribution deal and I’m making progress

Rockstar was loved by my one year daughter londyn out of all my songs she could’ve been crying or anything if I turned rockstar on she’ll stop doing everything n try to sang it n if I changed she’ll raise hell so that’s why I choose rockstar to be release over the 30+ songs I created . I will be releasing more music or ep soon so tap in with MSB boog n let me take ya on a journey.