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Dean the Dream – Bio Rework

Dean The Dream Bio

Dean The Dream is the musical project of Detroit-born poet Brendan Alpiner, whose mission is to imagine psychedelic rock for the new generation. The award-winning artist is known for creating a sophisticated sonic cocktail sitting at the intersection of multiple genres, including moody psychedelia, hypnotic blues, and classic rock ‘n roll. His creations are seemingly familiar yet refreshingly modern and new.

Dean’s music couldn’t come at a better time. Much like the classic psych-rock icons he invokes, Dean’s bluesy poetics come with the current generational sea change. His music wrestles with sexuality, freedom, death, violence, and disillusionment, all submerged beneath grooving, trance-inducing psychedelia. 

The rock world is long past due for its punk rock poets to return and for rock to be artistically satisfying yet unabashedly captivating, complex yet catchy, brutal yet beautiful. And by pulling inspiration from his Motown, proto-punk roots, Dean creates a world that lives between such seeming opposites.

Dean The Dream’s ever-growing portfolio includes a debut album called Pink Sun, a nine-track collection that came out in 2021, as well as a handful of singles like “Four Roses,” “Misery ‘N,” “Changes,” and more. The artist just dropped his sophomore project Hitchin’ It To Heaven with “Goodbye, Danny” as a lead single. 

Bio Rework

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